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Writing a Book

Writing for groups & Communities

One-to-one 8 weeks program

Some of us have a personal interest in writing because have had the habit of journaling or keeping a diary, or because we write by profession. Either way, this tailored program is for you if you have been through challenging life transitions and want to process emotions and find meaning through these circumstances.

Group based 6-weeks program

The sense of self-exploration that writing conveys is amplified by belonging to a writing community. If you want to connect with others as you write about your life, this intensive program is for you. I open these groups twice a year. 

Therapeutic writing & Grief

Between 2020 and 2023 I have been facilitating therapeutic writing courses that aim at supporting people who want to integrate grief in their every day lives.  

Coreskills training for healthcare professionals

Once a year I hold an intensive core skills training for healthcare professionals who want to learn specific tools they can use with their clients and patients. I also tailor trainings for clinics and health care facilities upon request

Poetry nights

I have, since 2016 leading an inclusion-through-poetry community initiative. The Literature Houses of Trondheim and Bergen are now responsible for carrying out the project in their own terms. I co-host poetry nights sporadically. Interested in establishing such a community project in your own city?


What are the languages available for these services? Norwegian, English, Spanish and Italian

Are these courses taught in-site or online?  I facilitate my courses in therapeutic writing both digitally and in-site. 

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