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I offer psychotherapy for individuals and couples, as well as parenting counselling, and low-threshold group interventions/facilitation of courses.

My services are available in the following languages: Norwegian, English, Spanish and Italian


I have extensive experience in supporting others as they face challenges such as grief, stress, overeating, burn-out, loneliness, relational problems, grief, anxiety, questions about the meaning of their lives, lack of motivation, difficulties with cultural adaptation and diversity, or questions around spirituality.

I thrive while doing psychotherapy, creative and academic writing, as well as holding workshops and lectures. I am a passionate, warm, and caring person who recognizes – both as a psychologist and as a human being – that it is not always easy to be a human and thrive in life. Yet, I also know there is great value in finding healthy ways to handle life’s challenges. 

Key qualifications

  • Bachelor degree in Psychology, Master's degree in Clinical, Health and Community Psychology, PhD in Psychology, & Postdoctoral fellowship in Mental Health

  • Licensed Clinical psychologist, currently based in Norway. 

  • Certified instructor in Mindful Eating - Conscious Living (MEC-CL) by the University of California San Diego. This is an integrative program to support people who have a difficult relationship with food and with their bodies, which manifests itself in emotional eating, binding and or overweight. 

  • Fullfilled the Levels 1 and 2 of the core skills training in couple therapy by The Gottman Institute. The Gottman Institute is a world class research and psychotherapy institute based in Seattle, USA 

  • Fullfilled a core skills training in Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, by the ALAEF - Associazione di Logoterapia e Analisi Esistenziale Frankliana in Italy in collaboration with the Catolic University of Milan. 

  • Fulfilled the therapists' training program in Emotion-focused Skill Training for Parents (EFST), at the Norwegian Institute of Emotion-focused Therapy. This is a model developed by Dr. Joanne Dolhanty in Canada, and currently used worldwide to support parents whose children or teenagers face mental health problems

  • I've fullfilled 2 out of 3 moduls of psychotherapy training in Emotion-focused Therapy (EFT) at NIEFT - The Norwegian Institute of Emotion-focused Therapy. This I a 3 years training program approved by the Norwegian Association of Psychologists. 

I also have a long experience with meditation and expressive writing, both within and beyond their psychotherapeutic uses. In addition to work as a psychotherapist, I host courses, retreats, and workshops in Norway and abroad, and I write academic books and articles, as well as poetry. I am also actively involved in shaping and delivering executive-education programs around innovation and leadership. As an educator, researcher, and psychotherapist, I have been developing projects to promote mental health in different contexts, and I have, among other things, focused in promoting empathy, compassion, self-compassion, human connection, and meaning in life. 

We all can have difficulties when we experience challenging situations in our private or working lives, such as conflict, health problems, uncertainty or making big decisions. Fortunately, we do not need to solve these problems alone, and it can help us to feel that someone understands what happens within and supports us as we face life’s challenges in creative and suitable ways. It can also help us to speak with someone who can facilitate the process of being in contact with what we feel, need, and want. Of course, we do not need to wait until there is a life crisis in order to work with ourselves: psychotherapy can also be a place for us to discover who we are and who we want to become. Then we can make choices that are more congruent with our values and needs.

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