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Short story: loosen laces

I finally found them, 70% off, my white--and pretty Scandinavian fashioned white shoes. I've been wearing them ever since last Thursday. Yet, there was something about them, it took me years to put them on. I ended up sitting on the floor like a kid, and with purple fingers of my hand.Once they were on, I felt like walking on the clouds.  A friend, after seeing how I struggled with them for the second time, asked: Why don't you loose the laces? I, naively, replied, Can I? So, she took them in a maternal gesture and loosed them a bit. There you go, she replied with a smile. Then, she even tried one and said:

Wow, look how comfy they are! Where did you buy them? I didn't need to struggle nor to buy any other shoes after all. 

Sometimes, the easiest solutions or the tiniest changes of perspective "appear" to be so obvious, that are easily forgotten, at least from my side. Where else could I loose the laces in my life? 

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