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Compassionate Innovaition & Leadership

After 2 sold out workshops in 2018, we´re back with our introductory module of Compassionate Innovation, now also exploring the realms of compassionate leadership. Do you want to make a difference in the lives of others by offering them new and better services? Do you at times find it difficult to empathize with your users' ills without becoming emotionally overwhelmed or even burnt out? In this workshop, you will learn highly practical tools to not only avoid empathy fatigue but to also become empowered to create innovative services and programs that radically improve the circumstances of your stakeholders—regardless of how difficult their situation might be. In a hands-on, engaging, and safe environment, we will explore creative processes like design thinking and social innovation, along with contemplative practices such as mindfulness, compassion, and lovingkindness meditation. We will be happy to answer your questions regarding the workshop. FAQ Is the workshop in Norwegian? The workshop is held in English. Yet, we do understand Norwegian, and you can speak Norwegian during the workshop if you wish. Is this for you? Our Compassionate Innovation workshops are designed for people who work/volunteer in service settings and who want to: Understand the roots of suffering to better empathize with the needs of their clients/care receiving. Learn communication strategies for listening and speaking in compassionate ways. Promote self-care practices that ease the burns of being in touch with suffering. Learn the basics of design thinking and prototyping innovation. Re-think communication practices in ways that better serve human connection (both in your work environment and personal life). Teachers, health care professionals, social workers, service designers, and social innovators are welcome to join. What will you and your work environment gain from attending the workshop? Creative confidence. Communication strategies to use with clients, co-workers. Strategies for stress management. Motivation to appreciate the beauty beneath everyday challenges.

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